Indulgent, Delicious Cakes that Quench Your Cravings

” I had one bite and I knew I was ruined for life…”  –  Clair Deidda

the most delicious cakes in

cape town

 At the end of the day, the whole POINT of Cake is for it to be as DELICIOUS as possible, right?

If it’s a gorgeous sculpture that’s cool, but if it doesn’t TASTE AMAZING and please your cravings, then what’s the point?

Truly DELICIOUS Cakes in Cape Town can be super hard to come by… Tasteless decorations and overly sweet icing has taken over. But I believe that cake SHOULD be so delicious that it transforms any horrible day into an amazing one!

“Your bakes have brightened up so many horrible days at work.” – comment from one of my clients.

That’s why I started my Home Bakery – Philosophy of Yum. FLAVOUR & QUALITY is my overriding passion because your cravings need cakes that put the YUM factor FIRST. That’s why I’m creating delicious cakes in Cape Town like you have NEVER had before.

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WHY I Bake “YUM-HIGH” cakes


I’ve always found cakes OVERLY SWEET, LACKING IN FLAVOUR or DRY…

or ALL of the above.

What a waste of calories and money man.

Everyone uses conventional buttercream… I’ve always been that kid that takes the frosting off the cake (because it’s so darn sweet) and then just eats the cake. Buttercream upsets me on an emotional level. It’s a paste of fat and sugar. Gross.

I’d rather go for something FULL of FLAVOUR, made with top quality ingredients and devotion that will satisfy my dessert craving far better than a heap of flavourless sweetness. I could not find truly DELICIOUS Cakes in Cape Town, so I started baking things that I actually WANT to eat.

Philosophy of Yum started because I just couldn’t find cake that satisfied the craving I had been carrying around with me my whole life. And if you’re here it means you’ve been struggling to find it too!

My husband and his friend normally don’t eat dessert,
but from this cake they each had TWO SLICES!

–  Silke Rittershaus  –

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FLAVOUR and QUALITY (taste) create more concrete memories than pretty things we see (sight). It’s been scientifically proven. When more of your senses are involved in an experience, a more solid memory and richer experience is created.

If you eat a cake with an awful flavour (includes smell) and texture, the only sense that the memory can stand on is SIGHT. SIGHT does not create a very solid memory to begin with since it is a sense we use 16+ hours per day. BUT if you eat a cake with a glorious flavour (includes smell) and beautiful, fresh texture then you already have 3 senses involved in the experience and memory!


That’s why the desserts and bakes from our childhoods are forever seared into our memories.


I’ve NEVER heard anyone say: “oh do you remember when we ate that green fondant?! It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life!” “Yes! And those silver deco balls, how divine!”

Nope. Never.

Over the last decade, the cake decorating scene has exploded on television and social media. It was always there, but shows like Cake BossAce of CakesCharly’s Cake Angels etc. opened up an exciting new world to the public and bakers. Overnight, super decorated, fondant cakes became the new beacon for “baking”. People were loving them on TV (and social media) and demanding them from their local bakers!

Now, I am not saying there’s no need for cake decorating (that would be foolish and ignorant). It’s an amazing art!! I’m just saying that the cake decorating “hype” has gone completely out of control.


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In the name of “You eat with your eyes!”; super pretty, BUT terrible tasting, dry, tough, stale cakes have been served to the masses for YEARS now.

I have been on the receiving end so many times… I’m sure you have too?? It totally sucks. It ruins everything.

Bottom line: lines have become blurry and the concept of actual BAKING has been severely compromised by an exterior decorating obsession.


Approach dessert with quality in mind. Eat things that are worth it… In the end you will spend less, eat less and be more satisfied.

There are now FINALLY delicious Cakes in Cape Town!

Philosophy of Yum is here to provide you with that unparalleled YUM experience!

WELCOME to the YUM side of Cake! 


Hi! I’m Aurelia.

I’m totally obsessed with making baked goods as DELICIOUS as possible!

I believe that your food cravings need to be pleased & satisfied. I’m here to help you make that happen!

I look forward to meeting you and baking for you!”

FANTASTIC! The most magnificent cakes in the city!
The rave reviews from our guests just kept on coming.